Saturday, July 14, 2012


And finally, my reel. These last few years I've worked on several projects without really completing any of them, however they work nicely mushed together into a reel! I may just make a new one soon as there is a lot of new stuff that hasn't been covered here. Stay tuned, and enjoy.

CSSSA 2011

This next video is a combination of the animations I made while attending the California State Summer School of the Arts. The final segment is a short film titled Runner, which features a silhouette of a character performing parkour.

Lazer Cat

This next film in is probably my most successful. Lazer Cat, the mute feline who fires lazers from his eyes! That is essentially it, a simple silly idea (completely unrelated from SNL's short). But is it really about the cat, or is it about the mechanical monster who lands on earth, is abused by its inhabitants and goes on a rampage of destruction! Who can stop the Killdroid? Lazer Cat can of course. This video received only a thousand views on youtube, however it was featured on the daily 2nd place on the website Newgrounds, and received over 60,000 views. Enjoy!

Contest Ultimania

Alright,  I have been on a huge vacation recently but now that I'm back I think its time to get this site started. I will be posting in chronological order my past animations, starting with Contest Ultimania! I made this 4 years ago I believe, it was my first complete animation. It doesn't really have a storyline, other than a bunch of random characters facing off in epic battles. Enjoy :]